When I look at pictures of myself as child, I’m always smiling. I had one of them pudding bowl haircuts and dressed in that classic 80’s double denim with my cheeky grin peeping under my shaggy fringe. What these pictures don’t show is how hungry these children are, no lunch or schoolbags, no classrooms to sit and no corridors to roam. All that was visible was the rustling of fun-size chips packet as they shared for afternoon lunch in a dejected fog of hunger and fatigue. My dreams are things like ending world hunger or releasing the millions of poor, throughout the world. What’s your dream? Goals are steps on the staircase to dreams. One big goal I have right now is to get new books on Amazon. As of today we have 1800 out of roughly 100,000 books. I further assert that the poor condition of furniture in class rooms and the missing sports facilities are the other real needs of this school, besides usually planned painting of walls and planting of grass every season to make the grounds look green. I truly believe that when people are inspired they will naturally do amazingly kind things like battle world poverty.