Sobayee Upper

For me school was my sanctuary a warm place where my thirst for knowledge and the encouragement of teachers who took a special interest in me got me to where I am today. The story of these children is the stark reality of families living in poverty. The basic idea of charity entails sacrifice. It is sacrificing some of one’s own interests for someone else’s benefit. When we do the sacrifice of charity we get something in return, something deep and rewarding in us. This comes from love. We are loving people, and this makes us inherently charitable. So you who are reading this… I probably don’t know you or maybe I do. I don’t have all the answers and I am very far from perfect. But we are all struggling, and I want you to know we are in this together. My work has been gruelling, and we’ve often fought our way from one hardship to another, but my boldness and the ambition of the project has made all that effort meaningful.

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